At MAKINA Technologies, our mission is simple: to provide truly excellent service that prolongs the life of your equipment.  Whether it’s diagnostics, repairs or upgrades, we treat every customer with true professionalism and expertise.

Quality Services

MAKINA is one of the leading Apple Authorised Service Centres in Dubai. Our Apple-certified technicians are specialists in the latest software and hardware, so you can rest easy knowing your device is in the right hands. Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch or Mac, we can fix your device so that it functions like it should.


Our dedication to quality services is matched by our professionalism. By that we mean being knowledgeable, honest, and efficient. We will always be transparent in our assessment of your repair requirements and never promise what we cannot deliver.

Fast Track Option

There are times when a repair is really urgent. We understand this and we can offer you priority services as an optional extra that puts you at the head of the queue.

We go to great lengths to ensure your satisfaction. It is our top priority. We go above and beyond when necessary to ensure your equipment is working in the best condition.

Apple Authorised Service Provider (AASP)

MAKINA are approved by Apple to uphold the extremely high Apple reputation for customer service and satisfaction. Our technicians receive the very same advanced training as Apple’s own gurus. We are supplied directly with components from Apple. This is vital because non-approved repairers may substitute counterfeit non-Apple components that could void your device’s warranty.

Effectively, MAKINA is an extension of Apple

MAKINA operates as a trusted member of the Apple extended ecosystem. We are fully accountable to Apple’s stringent controls for the repairs and services that we deliver to our customers.

The services provided by an Apple store are the very same as those provided by MAKINA with one exception – we do not replace or repair broken or cracked iPhone screens in-store.

Courtesy. Integrity. Reliability. That is our promise to you!

About Makina

About Us

The name MAKINA derives from the word “machine” - multiple parts working simultaneously to perform a specific task.

Founded by an Apple enthusiast and technology entrepreneur, MAKINA is a state-of- the-art independent Service Centre and consulting firm, and home to a team of Apple-Certified experts with over 25 years of combined experience. Just like a machine where each moving part contributes to the overall power and performance, each member of the MAKINA team has a greater purpose: to serve their customers in the best possible way.

MAKINA is a finely tuned machine where all the parts mesh together effortlessly to deliver an unrivaled service to the customer.

MAKINA delivers high-quality maintenance for all Apple devices, whether under warranty, in AppleCare or out of warranty. Apple trains the company’s technicians in the latest hardware and software, honing their expertise in the latest advances in all Apple devices and Mac technology. Services include Macs and iPhone services, repairs and upgrades.

Apple devices are woven into the routine of everyday life, and if something goes wrong, a professional hand is critical.

MAKINA was founded for one very simple reason: to provide Apple enthusiasts, individuals and businesses of all sizes with a place to go to for expert evaluations, advice, repairs and upgrades for their Apple products. MAKINA’s reputation is built on our passion for engineering, technology, and excellent customer service.


"MAKINA delivers Expertise and Excellence you can depend on."

Our Services

From expert assessments and diagnostics to skilled repairs and upgrades, our Apple-certified technicians deliver the same level of service as an Apple store for all products that are sold worldwide officially.

The product list includes Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini. Also iOS devices including iPad, iPhone, iPod as well as Airport Express, Airport Extreme, Apple TV and Time Capsule.

Our technicians are trained by Apple and are highly skilled, install only genuine Apple components supplied by Apple to us, and advanced diagnostic equipment and tools supplied by Apple. They are committed to delivering only the highest standard of Apple excellence to our customers.

MAKINA Technologies assists consumers, businesses, as well as government and educational clientele. We are recognised for fast turnarounds, a high success rate of repairs and consistently receiving positive customer feedback.

All replaced parts come with 90 days warranty

We guarantee our service, including replacement parts, for 90 days or the remaining term of your Apple warranty or AppleCare Protection Plan coverage, whichever is longer.


MAKINA is an iPhone Service Provider, fully certified by Apple. Our Apple-trained technicians have wide experience and expertise in servicing and troubleshooting iPhones. We service all devices, even out-of-warranty as well as under AppleCare and in warranty.

Typically we examine your device immediately and give you a preliminary assessment on the spot. Our technicians install only genuine Apple components covered by an Apple warranty that will be honoured at all Apple Stores worldwide.

We strongly recommend that before bringing your iPhone for service we ask that you please backup your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud and disable FMiP (Find my iPhone) feature.


Did you check our FAQs? Many Frequently Asked Questions are answered there.


MAKINA is an Apple Authorised Service Provider, offering a number of options for repairing your Mac. We can help with accidental damage as well as repairs under warranty or out of warranty.

Expect a turnaround of 3 to 4 days (business days) under normal circumstances. For urgent jobs where you need the fastest possible completion, take advantage of our Fast Track service.

Our online Service Request facility speeds the whole process up when you send us details before you bring your equipment into us for repair.


Did you check our FAQs? Many Frequently Asked Questions are answered there.

Repairs to out-of-warranty equipment

MAKINA are experts at reviving out-of-warranty equipment. We can repair any issue rapidly and efficiently, whether it’s lines on the screen, no power-up, your Mac failing to boot, slow running... we have the answer.

Typical out of warranty repairs include the following issues:

  • - Memory glitch
  • - Dead hard drive / SSD drive
  • - Broken MagSafe DC-In Board
  • - Bloated or exhausted battery
  • - Logic board malfunction

We can replace your failed or dying Mac hard drive with one of greater capacity and speed. Alternatively we can supply an SSD drive (solid state). Our optional data recovery service can attempt to recover data from a failed hard drive. If you have backed up to an external backup drive or Time Machine, we can restore from that to a new hard drive or SSD drive once we have installed it. Our data recovery service incurs an additional charge.

Book a service appointment and schedule a time slot for bringing your Mac to us.


Did you check our FAQs? Many Frequently Asked Questions are answered there.


Typically this includes liquid spillages, accidentally dropping your device, and so on.

MAKINA has performed countless repairs following accidental damage incidents

Accidental damage often includes:

  • - Cracked screen after collision or dropping
  • - Cracks or dents in casing after knocks
  • - Spilling liquid over equipment
  • - Cable / connector malfunctions or breakages
  • - Unresponsive hard drive / SSD drive following a knock or being dropped

Every accidental damage incident is different. When faced with an accidental damage type of repair, MAKINA technicians focus in on the damaged components. This usually results in a reduced cost for the customer.

Schedule a service appointment to obtain a time slot for bringing your equipment here for repair.


Did you check our FAQs? Many Frequently Asked Questions are answered there.



MAKINA can repair all products that are under a recall or Apple quality program at no charge to you. It is very straightforward. Just bring it into us. You do not need to contact Apple.


Service and support from the people who know your Apple Products best.

AppleCare products provide expert telephone technical support and additional hardware service options from Apple.

Because Apple makes the hardware, the operating system, and many applications, Apple products are truly integrated systems. And only AppleCare products give you one-stop service and support from Apple experts, so most issues can be resolved in a single call.

One stop for technical support
Apple hardware coverage
Software support included
AppleCare Protection Plan
MacBook Pro 15” MacBook Pro 13” MacBook 12” MacBook Air MacMini iMac Display MacPro
AED 1349 AED 949 AED 949 AED 949 AED 349 AED 649 AED 379 AED 949
iPhone SE iPhone 6S iPhone 6S+ iPhone 7 iPhone 7+ iPad iPod Apple TV
AED 349 AED 469 AED 469 AED 469 AED 469 AED 349 AED 199 AED 119


For AppleCare products and extended service plans please contact us

AppleCare+ Notes:

1. All iOS devices in AppleCare+ are subject to a Service Fee for ADH (Accidental Damage in Handling) incidents.

2. iOS Device for AppleCare+ can only be covered within 60days of purchase

All prices are subject to change without prior notice. For Terms & Conditions please visit here.


Frequently Asked Questions

We operate a simple ticketing system on a first come, first served basis. Just call by our store during opening hours to drop off your device and explain the problem. If it is really urgent, then do call us beforehand for a rapid evaluation and we will tell you if we can give your job top priority.

No. Experience tells us that it’s not practical to attempt to understand and evaluate an issue over the phone. Results are almost always unsatisfactory. We really do need to physically see your device and get a hands-on assessment.

Every spillage incident is different because liquids can get into all sorts of places with very different results each time. Sometimes you may escape with no apparent impact, and on other occasions your device will die. Obviously we need to inspect the damage by removing the casing, so we cannot estimate the repair costs until you bring the device into our store.

No. We use our own cables because we know their characteristics and that helps to avoid confusion and speeds up repair time. The same applies to peripherals, such as your mouse. Unless the problem relates specifically to something like a cable or mouse etc. then we do not need to see them.

Probably not but we cannot guarantee it. It is a very rare fault that requires us to erase a hard drive but data loss can results from many causes, despite the great care and attention we will take to prevent that from happening. Play safe and take a backup first. Always ensure that you can restore from that backup also. The same applies to installed software. You should ensure that you can reinstall all software should the worst happen.

Possibly yes, because troubleshooting those devices frequently requires us to wipe the memory storage. Backing up your device is NOT part of our standard service and we cannot be held responsible for any data loss. You should definitely back up your device to iCloud or to iTunes before bringing it to us. Also disable the iCloud “Find my iPhone” option because that prevents us from carrying out repairs

Just because we have not been in contact with you does not mean we have forgotten your job. Far from it. Some issues take longer to diagnose than others. We always try to work as fast as possible so do please be patient. We will be only too happy to let you know once we have pinned down the root cause of your problem or know the completion timetable for certain.

The first thing we do for some issues is to upgrade the software with the current version from iTunes because that often resolves some glitches. That is something you can do yourself. First, backup your device, upgrade the software and then restore your backup. If the issue is not resolved, you can take another backup and set your iPad or iPhone as a new device. If it still is not working then the problem may lie in the hardware and you need to bring it in to our store. If you have tried those steps before you come, it will make for faster turnaround time for our repair service. See instructions here for these steps.

As rechargeable batteries grow older, they lose the long life they had at the start. That is inevitable. Sometimes apps can be power greedy and you may learn some useful hints here. If that does not help, then we are happy to test your device and prove you with a diagnosis.

Apple takes great care to provide the best customer satisfaction possible. That care extends to ensuring that approved service providers like MAKINA adhere to the extremely high standards demanded by Apple. That includes using only parts supplied by Apple and having all technical staff trained by Apple. MAKINA technicians are trained to the very same standards as in-house Apple staff.

The warranty on your device depends on having all servicing carried out by approved companies like MAKINA. That’s how Apple ensures that its high standards are upheld. Non-approved repairers may use counterfeit parts. That could very likely result in sub-standard operation of your device and could also void your warranty.

If your need for repair is truly urgent, our Fast Track option may be the answer. Your job is attended to immediately and remains a priority, ahead of all other jobs, until it is completed. Like all repairs, the time taken depends on the availability of parts or other issues that are outside MAKINA’s control. But you are guaranteed that your job is at the top of the queue at all times.


Trust MAKINA Technologies as an Apple Authorised Service Provider (AASP) to repair your Mac desktop or portable devices. We are authorised by Apple to repair your Mac using genuine Apple Parts, which are fitted by Apple Certified Technicians. If you have further enquiries please feel free to contact us or visit our outlet.
Let us together make a difference…

We care about our environment and we want to do our bit to keep electronic equipment from going to landfill as waste.

We refurbish old equipment and direct it to worthy causes.

You can work with us so that our joint efforts make a difference.


  • We refurbish all machines
  • We wipe the hard drive and securely erase all data
  • We install a new operating system
  • We bench test all machines prior to passing them on

Note: Give us your Apple devices/machines and we will enhance and repair them at our own cost, as our contribution, and pass them on as recertified/refurbished equipment to a second lease of life.


Do you have old equipment lying around that you want cleared out of the way?
Or are you considering upgrading and need to dispose of existing kit?

We take your donated equipment, check it over and then find a new home and a worthy cause for it.

For example, schools in impoverished parts of the world are crying out for computer equipment. You can make a real difference to the lives of children by allowing us to channel your unwanted items to a worthy cause.

View our Photo Gallery
Did you know that your old equipment could make a real difference for students all over the world?

Re-purposing your unwanted computer equipment delivers not one but two worthwhile benefits. Donating your computer rather than recycling it keeps it out of landfill and minimizes the environmental impact. It then goes to be gratefully accepted by worthy and needy organizations, schools and communities to improve their capabilities and facilities.

Photo Gallery

MAKINA Technologies - Exterior
Makina Technologies - Apple Authorised Service Centre
Makina Technologies - Apple Authorised Service Centre
Makina Technologies - Apple Authorised Service Centre
Makina Technologies - Apple Authorised Service Centre
Makina Technologies - Apple Authorised Service Centre
Makina Technologies - Apple Authorised Service Centre
Makina Technologies - Apple Authorised Service Centre
Makina Technologies - Apple Authorised Service Centre
Makina Technologies - Apple Authorised Service Centre
Makina Technologies - Apple Authorised Service Centre
Makina Technologies - Apple Authorised Service Centre
Makina Technologies - Apple Authorised Service Centre
Makina Technologies - Apple Authorised Service Centre
Makina Technologies - Apple Authorised Service Centre
Makina Technologies - Apple Authorised Service Centre
Makina Technologies - Apple Authorised Service Centre
Makina Technologies - Apple Authorised Service Centre
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Did you check our FAQs? Many Frequently Asked Questions are answered there.



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